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In this highly competitive business environment, becoming an agent for a successful company is an outstanding opportunity. We sincerely invite those with ambition to join our family and share the joy of success. Here is a detailed introduction to the opportunities and relevant conditions for becoming our agent.

1. Why Choose to Be StoneVic Agent?

Becoming our agent will bring you a series of unique benefits:

  • Market Potential: Our products/services have tremendous potential in the market, and as an agent, you will be able to fully leverage this opportunity for mutual personal and business growth.

  • Support and Training: We provide comprehensive support and training to ensure you can proficiently master our products/services and achieve success in the market.

  • High Returns: As our agent, you will enjoy a lucrative reward system, serving as a powerful incentive for your personal and professional development.

2. Agent Requirements:

Becoming our agent requires meeting certain conditions to ensure smooth cooperation:

  • Business Qualifications: Applying to become our agent requires having specific business qualifications and experience to ensure your competence in market expansion and sales.

  • Venue Requirements: As part of our criteria for collaboration, we require our agents to have their own showroom and warehouse in the local area to facilitate the display and storage of our products.

  • Market Understanding: We expect agents to have a profound understanding of their respective markets, including potential customers, competitors, etc., to better promote and sell our products/services.

  • Integrity and Compliance: We emphasize that agents must adhere to business ethics and regulations, maintaining integrity to uphold the company's image and customer trust.

3. Steps to Join Us:

If you are interested in becoming our agent, here are simple steps to follow:

  • Submit Application: Submit an agent application through our official channels, including your personal and company information.

  • Review and Interview: We will carefully review your application and may conduct an interview to ensure you meet our collaboration criteria.

  • Contract Signing: Once approved, we will sign an agent contract with you, clarifying the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

  • Training and Launch: As our agent, you will undergo appropriate training before launching your market expansion activities.

We sincerely invite you to join us in creating a new chapter of business success. Become our agent and share in the growth and glory with us!



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