Stone is a high-end decorative material that is used in every household.

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【Summary Description】 Stone is a high-end decorative material that is used in every household.

Stone is a high-end decorative material that is used in every household.
It is a very suitable material to improve the level of home decoration. Common light luxury styles will use a lot of stone as decoration.
1. What types are there?
Natural marble, artificial quartz stone, natural granite, artificial granite
①Natural marble
Natural marble has a fine texture and a warm texture. It is as smooth as a mirror after polishing, and its natural lines are stretched and beautiful. As long as the ingredient is calcium carbonate, identification method: A few drops of dilute hydrochloric acid on real natural marble will cause violent acid-base reaction and bubbles, so it is not suitable for use on kitchen countertops. It is not as hard as granite and is not resistant to scratches. When using it as a floor material, you need to pay attention to scratches from hard objects.
②Quartz stone
The main ingredients are quartz, resin, etc., which are artificially synthesized. They have high hardness and are resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. Prices vary depending on the quartz content. The higher the quartz content, the harder and scratch-resistant the surface is. Mostly used on kitchen countertops.
The main component is silicon oxide, which has high stability, acid and alkali resistance, high weather resistance, stable structure and is not easy to age. It is used for indoor door stones, outdoor government squares (fired stone, lychee noodles), exterior wall dry hanging and other places.
Granite is a kind of artificial stone, which is made of marble fragments or stone powder. It has the characteristics of small color difference, no radiation, and high strength. It is mostly used for indoor background walls, window sill stones, bay window stones or public places in hotels and stations. etc. places
2. Where are stones used in home decoration?
The floor (marble) and door stone (sill stone) of the living room and dining room; the stem of the balcony; the kitchen cabinet or the countertop of the center console; the bay window stone and window sill stone of the bedroom; the bathroom door stone, water retaining strips, and shower room Grooved boards; steps on stairs, Roman columns on walls, furniture table tops, background walls of villas, and exterior walls.
3. What are the paving techniques?
Dry paving, wet paving, dot glue (structural glue, marble glue) pasting
Dry shop: the entrance stone to the living room and bedroom
Wet paving: bathroom door stone, window sill stone
Glue: cabinet countertops with baseboards, stone background walls


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