• Aluminium plastic composite panel

    By 3mm thick aluminium plastic composite 5mm in various marble backplane,

    Travertine, limestone and so on, this plate stone plate

    Strength, greatly reduces the weight of the plate, retention

    The surface of the stone big beautiful natural texture, Standard Specification for




    60”*96”     The maximum specifications for 60”*120”

  • Stone of light composite board

    The PVC backplane jade often compound can be transparent, this product

    Can increase the light texture of jade, also can put the jade

    The appearance of lines through the translucent better display.

    Standard specifications are as follows



    60”*96”    The maximum specifications for 60”*120”

  • Glass fiber composite plate

    Glass fiber composite plate made of high strength glass fiber composite plate of 1mm thickness

    Composite 7mm stone, usually used for granite composite board. Production

    Product provides stone impact resistance, reduce the thickness of stone, heavy

    Volume, provide safety performance of stone used, standard specification for:



    60”*96”  The maximum specifications for 60”*120”