Stonevic mainly devotes to the domestic and foreign various sheet metal and stone handicrafts processing, stone engineering design, indoor and outdoor decoration, import and export trade, technical advisory services as one of the large-scale stone enterprise products include all kinds of granite, marble,travertine, high-grade project sandstone plate: such as wall hanging plate,countertops, bathroom the wall panel, honeycomb composite board, thin board,and provide all kinds of sheet metal, the floor, along the road and landscape stone etc..

        According to the needs of the engineering customized various dimensions, on the square, the commonly used 300mm-600mm, to 800-900mm. composite board, ultrathin board maximum specification can attain the maximum size of the 1520*2440mm. honeycomb panels can be achieved 1520*3000mm.

    Stonevic perennial reserve a variety of domestic and foreign marble, granite blocks. And a large capacity plate factory base. Stone resources reserves, and fully guarantee the product quality, but also to ensure the smooth progress of the project at home and abroad, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

    Over the years, stonevic has been committed to the production equipment and production technology updates, it has introduced advanced stone processing line, and long-term staff learning at home and abroad advanced the concept of product design and development.

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