Stonevic stone industry is committed to a quartz countertop production and sales of high-tech manufacturing enterprises, the company research and production oriented to the needs of customers, and actively to learn about the latest developments in the global stone industry and the most advanced products and technology concept, continue to invest capital and increase research and development efforts, vigorously the introduction of high-tech R & D personnel and designers to carry out research and development and matching products, combined with foreign advanced products The development of ideas.

    In the modern environmental health concept, fully developed with natural quartz sand, quartz powder, quartz artificial stone based materials. The product since its inception, are widely concerned by enterprises in the same industry, fashion, noble, elegant appearance, lasting quality, and it is no radiation, blow not flower, antibacterial, safety, environmental protection of these unique performance, the product is used for the whole cabinet, its quality is becoming more and more obviously the whole cabinet appearance and practical, becoming the first choice of integral ambry mesa material.

    High quality binder used stonevic quartz with micro elastic, can reduce sound transmission capacity, reduce noise pollution, on the other hand, the thermal conductivity is very low, is favorable to reducing the heat transfer, make indoor environment East warm summer cool, energy saving. Moreover, quartz stone is similar to the natural crystal natural essence, quartz generated aura can be people physical and mental pleasure, protective effects on the human body plays, this point, it is natural marble, granite and other common artificial stone do not to.